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    Rev up the excitement at a backyard summer science carnival with this stomp rocket daredevil!

    Throw a science-themed carnival with these 8 free hands-on activities from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

    Try this twist on a classic carnival game. Experiment with variables as you launch a marble down a ski jump to land in a DIY skeeball target. It's part of MSI's summer science carnival!

    Test your strength against gravity with this solar system high striker game. It's one of MSI's summer science carnival activities.

    Museum of Science and Industry | Summer Brain Games

    Turn your backyard into a summer science carnival with fun, hands-on experiments from MSI, like these super bouncy bubbles.

    Fun science carnival activities from MSI. Learn about pressure with this water blaster and target.

    Try MSI's summer science carnival activities and have fun while learning. Design and race boats for a lesson in pressure.

    Throw a science-themed carnival this summer! Build this dunk bucket for a "cool" lesson about the center of mass.

    The Ultra Stomp Rocket should be a staple in your gift closet… Take it from us, every family should have a Stomp Rocket. No batteries, no fuel - just foot power. Open a Stomp Rocket and the fun just escalates.

    DIY PVC Pipe Rocket Launcher and File Folder Rockets Part I: Rockets! | Child Central Station - Great Inexpensive Fun!

    Engineering for Kids Baking Soda Rockets

    Rocket Straws Summer Kids Activity

    Launcher for rocket party.

    DIY Stomp Rockets: Webelos Scientist... make paper rockets and launch.

    Cardboard Rocket Ships

    Straw Rockets- Easy Kids space activity!

    How to Make a Straw Rocket. Great for a rainy day!

    Check out my newest invention. It's a super cool stomp rocket made from a two-liter plastic bottle and a dollar store snorkel. It's a great DIY toy that sends a rocket over 60 feet high. Follow the link for step by step instructions.