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    Thrifted Frames, Spray Paint and Cork Boards

    This would be a fun and cute display board to swap out pictures. Easy to make.

    Find frames from a thrift store, attach wood to all sides, paint and hang on wall. New and creative shelves

    homemade cork board- doing this

    Trendy Cork-Board - painted in a bright color :)

    Rub candle wax on furniture before you paint it to get that antiqued look. // 47 Tips and Tricks to Ensure a Perfect Paint Job

    Simple Shade- stitch two panels of coordinating fabric together and staple the top edge of the shade to a 1-inch-wide board painted to match the woodwork. Staple pairs of ribbons to the board a few inches from each end. One ribbon in each pair hangs down the back and one down the front of the panel. Screw the board into the top of the window frame. Roll up the fabric to the desired height and tie it in place with the ribbons.

    Cake Stands... spray paint in the colour of your choice So many possibilites

    Video Tutorial for using Vaseline to Distress furniture. (And it's really easy!)

    cork board| I want it HUGE like this so I can put my world on it as well as my other pins too

    How make a giant picture for Crazy Cheap! Buy a sheet of insulation foam from home depot for about $11- then take your photo via thumb drive or CD to office depot and ask them for their biggest engineer print. (I think its like 3ft.X4ft.!) $8. Then spray adhesive the photo to the board and craft paint the edges!! You can get two uses out of the foam board- so your total cost is only about $11

    framed corkboard... So easy!

    Re-purposed bulletin board used to hang jewelery. - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

    Glue small old toys to a frame and then spray paint a solid color. (nice way to hold onto the things your kids love but don't necessarily "use" anymore...and well the solid color, lol, helps it look great and not obnoxious)

    How to spray paint hardware.

    Filing bench - so much better than a filing cabinet and a bulletin board to keep things nice looking

    thrift store makeover

    So many ways to hang jewelry.

    Wrap canvas with string. Spray paint with your choice of colors. Remove string. Tada! Art!


    DIY- Making chalkboards out of thrifted frames