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  • Tina Buchman

    Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy... I love this book series, but wouldn't recommend to young readers. Definitely meant for adult mature readers.

  • Laura Heidman

    Just got 50shades darker from my daughter....

  • Jessica Gollischewski

    Fifty Shades Trilogy.... mmmm I need my very own Christian Grey. <3

  • Kristina Anne

    50 Shades of Grey Trilogy: Erotic, amusing, and deeply moving, the Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever

  • Megan Vaites

    Of course the Fifty Shades trilogy is numero uno on my list of books worth reading. Would you doubt it? I'd suggest reading each more than once!

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Fifty Shades Trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed 3-volume Boxed Set stuff-i-like

Crossfire Series #1 - good read if you are missing 50 shades...

Oh, yeah. . . I do this. A lot. Rue, Fred Weasley, Sirius, Finnick, Prim, Dumbledore,Lupin and Tonks, to name a few I cried over. Now those I bawled over- Dobby and Snape... and yes these are all Hunger games and Harry Potter. I promise I read other books but these characters mean the most to me haha(:

  • Kittie Vetter

    And Hedwig!

  • mia lanca

    Fred, fred fred fred fred fred fred fred fred fred fred

  • Sarah

    My friend told me prim dies before I even read the book so I didn't cry until katniss was talking to buttercup at their house then I almost died on my tears

  • Sarah

    Well kinda yelling more like yelling like then talking to buttercup

  • Victoria

    Don't forget the Book Thief. SO SAD

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Yup pretty much. But then I think awe tomorrow is Monday but I'm still happy for walking dead :)

Fifty Shades of Grey -@E_L_James. #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey = hot! Fan-made Fifty Shades of Grey trailers...

  • Fede

    Personally I feel that anyone who makes Christian Grey will most likely get not so much popularity since the book, even being a bestseller, is a laughstock and falld into redundance. HOWEVER I think Ian Somerhalder would make one hell of a sexy Christian Grey, only that it could affect his career, will it be in a good or a bad way?

  • foxi roxie 713

    This is the perfect couple that should have been cast

  • Ambar Sánchez

    Bien na que verrr

Fifty Shades fifty-shades

  • Ariel Steegstra

    Hahahaha agreed. Taking enjoyment in something means one has to take delight and/or pleasure in that thing...I would/could never take enjoyment/delight/pleasure in something like what this novel portrays, hence why I have not and will not read it. :P

  • Cin Dy

    "Women get up in arms when men look at porn, and as they should;"

  • Melissa Williams

    Oh jeez....lighten up...or get laid!

  • Christina Hunt

    Melissa..there is No Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The worst book I have ever looked at...can't say read because it was way too trashy for me

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About bullying-This book gave me insight about what may go on in the minds of all who are involved. It's not just one thing or just one person.

What I say when people tell me they wish they had time to read like I do. I have time to read because I don't watch much TV.

Farenheit 451. This book made a big impression on me in high school. I would like to actually own my own copy.