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Everybody gets a suit. heheh i didn't read it correctly so i thought it was said"and you get a slut, and you get a slut, everyone gets a slut!"

i hope you're not lactose intolerant.

the one time suiting up doesn't work in your favour...

Lol! I don't presume to agree with the show, but yeah, the guy on the right is totally how I am - gullible. [How I Met Your Mother]

SEATS TAKEN! Of Course, I'm So Sorry, Sir

Grammar Rules: Shannon Bellanca Bellanca Bellanca Stone this made me laugh too hard! You should post this in your classroom.

I made this... - The Meta Picture

It may be premature from just three data points (including Draco Malfoy), but I think one of the common denominators might be a particularly divine accent.

Truth: Neil Patrick Harris is always gorgeous, in every situation. ALWAYS.

I might have snorted out loud when I saw this.

I'm pretty sure Daniel and I are the perfect couple friends Marshall and Lily have been searching for.