How to clean Keds/Toms

My blog post about how to clean your converse!

How to escape zip ties. Every girl should know this information. Awesome. Re-Pin ladies!!!

How to Waterproof Your Canvas Shoes Naturally

Homemaker tips...good ones! I will thank myself for pinning this one day!

Ha! A fix for the toe hole!


Old tee shirt canvases!!! I <3 This!!!

Just Say NO to Spring Cleaning and have a continually clean home all year round using this "Brain Box" binder from Tips From a Typical Mom.

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1-2 cups of water w/ 1-2 tblsp of vinegar put in a microwave bowl and put in microwave for 5 minutes.... Seriously?!?!!

The single most effective way to get rid of a sunburn.. Better pin this to remember it!

Clean White Canvas Shoes. This will come in handy one day.

Amazing way to take incredible pictures | Mind Blowing Things

How to Clean Suede Shoes: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to Clean Shoes

How to Make Your House Feel Clean Even When You Don't Have Much Time

Deep clean your bathroom with a power drill. | 25 Unexpectedly Genius Household Hacks You'll Wish You'd Thought Of First....some of these are stupid, but some are awesome.