Curves Curvy Curving - Post Production slimming NOT necessary just kick that booty back bring those arms in bring that chin forward and work it Beauty is Attitude! via Sue Brice/...

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Amanda's Musings: Girls with Curves Photo Posing Tips

Amanda's Musings: Girls with Curves Photo Posing Tips

Slimming curvy women

Megan DiPiero Photography {Posing Secrets of the Red Carpet}

You can ask any pro who’s photographed a ton of women – they will all tell you that plus-sized women LOVE their curves! and if a plus-sized woman is coming to you for a photo shoot, she is digging who she is and wants to celebrate herself and her body! Ps. it’s actually the skinny gals who are more critical of their bodies and will require more encouragement and positive feedback during the shoot.

Photography posing tips

HOW TO BE PHOTOGENIC. Good for the photographer to know too.

what a diff posing makes. Photog & cam tips

Posing friends - one skinny, one not. How to flatter both! WIN - WIN - no Photoshop required.

Turkey arm!

Posing tip from Sue Bryce Portrait photo-poses-ideas

do's and don'ts of large group photography

Posing tips on this website are clear and concise. Good tips!

Sue Bryce at her best again

Sue Bryce Tips

The Curvy Girl Posing Guide by the Amazing Sue Bryce.

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