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32 Compare and Contrast Task Cards. The Cards are tiered to help you differentiated. The first 12 cards use pictures to generate relationships. The next 4 cards require students to identify whether a statement is comparing or contrasting. The next 4 cards have students generate a compare and contrast statement or paragraph when given two topics or ideas. The last 12 cards have students read short paragraphs and compare and contrast elements present in the paragraph. $

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Quiz, Quiz, Trade

Quiz, Quiz, Trade: learn how to play this great review game that you can use with the whole class!

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Inferencing at its BEST..and a freebie!

I am loving this idea for using task cards in interactive notebooks! There is even a free template. So many possibilities!

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Inference Task Cards

Differentiated Inference Task Cards using pictures and text! Two sets of 40 task cards (80 cards total) that help students practice making inferences. The first 20 cards have pictures that students make inferences from. The next 20 cards have short stories that students make inferences from. $

Using Board Games to Engage Students with Task Cards! To take their turn, students must correctly answer a question on a task card.



Fluency Practice. Tracking Fluency. Hot reads and cold reads. Zoofluency.

DIfferentiated Dry Erase Close Reading Task Cards for Informational Text~ Students practice close reading on the task cards. Highlight supporting details, wipe off the task card, and then reuse. The blank lines on each card enable students to write their complete answer on the card. This is a great way for students to practice close reading skills in a literacy center.

These 8 reading passages are designed for 3rd grade or 4th grade students to read and determine the main idea. The practice is leveled so that one set of the reading passages has multiple choice answers, and the other set of task cards are free response (students must decide on the main idea independently).

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Sequencing Task Cards

Sequencing Task Cards for Reading. This is a set of 28 sequencing task cards with a variety of ways for students to practice the ever-important skill of sequencing! Please check out my preview for a sample look at many of the cards. *Answer Key Included $

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Three Great Games

For those of you wondering how to use task is your answer! Lots of great ideas!

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Main Idea Task Cards

Main Idea Task Cards Activity { 52 Picture & Text Cards } *New Product!* A set of 52 Main Idea Task Cards with activity sheets and main idea statements for easy differentiation. $

FREE - Help your students become more confident readers with this fun and interactive passage! It is perfect for helping students build fluency, use context clues, and improve reading comprehension!

I like the phrasing here: peacemakers vs. peacebreakers (as opposed to "on task" and "off task.") Other great ideas here for teaching children different manners and chores. (I like the idea of "Dusty" the dust pan)

Use this site to find free printable passages and activities to assess your students' understanding of compare and contrast.

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Warning Cards (A Classroom Management Tool!)

Warning Cards (A Classroom Management Tool!) - Was going to make these myself, but now I don't have to!