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Crazy Needs Valentine by Owly Shadow Puppets on Etsy. Fun with paper! Go check out the puppets, too.

This would make a pretty tattoo, white ink with the bird a light pink or blue.

A lovely and intricate heart shaped cut out with more details inside. You can see flowers, ferns and leaves adorning the rather plain and white entirety of the shape.

4 Original Papercut PRINTED PATTERNS. Ready to cut by yourself. 4 Heart Silhouettes.

Paper Cutting or "scherenschnitte" (German word for scissor cuttings) Christmas tree ornament. I gather this is made by folding a paper heart in half, sketching the design and cutting it out to produce the mirror image design.

These unpainted hearts are at mexican import stores..make it into.a in it..go crazy with.the.painting:-)

Possibly my favourite poem. e.e. cummings changed my mind about poetry. The price tag is a little steep perhaps?

Paper cutting by Julene Harrison