Nice idea!

Tucked away trash bins

cutting board over a trash can

Creative Utensil Storage - good idea to keep in mind if you're building or remodeling - Traditional Kitchen

garbage & recycling center - a must have

Ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions) How Brilliant and Awesome is this?

Remove fake drawer under sink and install paper towel holder... Love this idea!!!!!

pull out storage idea for hangers!! omg this is brilliant!

Drawer by trash for pans

Love this idea for my stones!! And Muffin Pans Kitchen Cabinets

You wouldnt need to wait for a whole dishwasher to fill up - just wash one drawer at a time

pot & pan storage. Very interesting alternative to the more expensive wide drawer stack.

what a great place to put a step for the little ones who can't reach the sink!! The Hidden Storage | Well Done Stuff | Amazing ideas

29 Insanely Clever Kitchen Ideas

Love love love! How to build a pull out trash and recycling bin for half the cost of the kits you find in stores.

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