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  • Jaclyn Ann

    Blue Dark Make Up for the eyes... I've learned I need electric blue eyeliner

  • Love Kouture

    Check out this modern take on the cat eye: pretty blue eyeliner & frosty eyeshadow

  • Mirror Mirror Salon & Spa

    Stunning sky blue eye liner. This is how you can wear all the beautiful brights this Spring and Summer. #eyemakeup #makeuptips #eyeshadow #eyes #mm

  • Breanna Summersill

    Most of the time we see photos like this on pinterest and think, WOW thats beautiful, to bad I can’t pull off something like that! Well I used to think the same thing, until I actually sat down and started practicing. This eye makeup style really isn’t that challenging at all, it just takes a little practice with a brush. Can you imagine showing up to a hot date with your eyes smouldering like this? I can, and have. You can ask my hubs. You’re going to start off by buying some light blue eyeliner, you may get a few strange looks from the cosmetics counter, but pay no attention, these ladies don’t know what’s up. Apply your blue eye liner first, since its a very light color and will be hard to put over anything dark. Grab some light eyeshadow ( and I do mean light ) and apply …

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Beautiful eye makeup. I wish I could do this.

There are so many ways to do your (i prefer liquid) liner that I think the false individual lashes should not be used as much as it is used now a days. Save your natural lashes from being damaged by the constant use of false lashes. Instead refine your eye lining techniques and watch the difference!

Ok, pretty sure I couldn't pull this one off, but may give it a shot on Halloween!!! I like it.

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