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So, as someone who interacts with horses everyday, thinks about art and horses a lot, and has a pretty solid awareness of equine anatomy, let me just say that it takes a lot for a horse photograph to impress me and surprise me. This one totally does.

golden thought by Dan65 on Flickr. The Akhal-Teke horses are vigorous, excitable, and restless. Thousands of years of selective breeding have left their mark not only on their physical appearance and efficiency, but also on their behavior. These horses are not only sensible but also very sensitive; they are even able to respond to mental suggestions of humans. Their intelligence is not comparable to any other breed.

Stunning... ❤ Horses ~ in the Southwest somewhere, perhaps near where we'll be wed next september

"You are a great champion. When you ran, the ground shook, the sky opened, and mere mortals parted. Parted the way to victory, where you'll meet me in the winner's circle, and I'll put a blanket of flowers on your back." - Dreamer horse lovers dating club