Leprechaun catcher - how cute!

Leprechaun Trap

Leprechaun trap

This Leprechaun Trap from Martha Stewart is so easy to make but great fun to decorate. The kids loved this a lot!

Leprechaun visit ideas for St. Patrick's Day

Cast five leprechauns in this Irish hip-hop number and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the bustin' o' the rhymes!

St. Patrick's Day Wood Hanging Door Decor (6)

This would be a cute tradition to start. Green milk and lucky charms on St. Patricks Day morning.

St Patrick's Day sign. Leprechauns Welcome.

leprechaun house/trap

St. Patrick’s Clover Treats

Sneaky Little Leprechaun Tricks

st. patrick's day decorations...too easy

A Differentiated Kindergarten: Leprechaun Mischief and . . . a little Freebie!

Leprechauns were here

Reusable Leprechaun Trap

Leprechaun trap

St. Patricks Day ideas