paint swatch calendar. brilliant.

Something to try while on mat leave. Dry erase calendar made from paint samples and a picture frame.

omg this is amazing, because those lights with the round orby things are like, 10x as much as string lights

For all the pictures you have and no frames to put them in. So neat!

Paint chip calendar


Simple painted bottles

How to Make Your Own Dry Erase Calendar with Paint Chips (SUPER Easy and Frugal)!

Weekly menu planner,frame it and use a dry-erase marker on the glass. Other templates given.

laundry drying rack final 2

Cute DIY Paint Chip Calendar Idea | Things You Can Make Using Paint Chips & Cool Craft Project Ideas For Teens By DIY Ready.

Paint Sample Calendar

Print your picture out on plain paper, Take piece of wood and coat with mod podge, turn picture upside down on wood press and let dry overnight. next day using water and your hands rub paper off of wood (your picture will be on the wood) now cover with more mod podge.

Dollar store wooden frames, wooden candlesticks, gorilla glue, spray paint.

glitter glasses

Old wine corks glued into a wooden picture frame.

Picture frame dry erase boards for each week

Uses for paint swatches