paint swatch calendar. brilliant.

Or make a pretty one from an old lotion bottle. | 28 Low-Tech Hacks For Your High-Tech Gadgets

Paint chip calendar

omg this is amazing, because those lights with the round orby things are like, 10x as much as string lights

Calendar made with scrapbook paper and an 18" x 14" picture frame. Use sharpie for the dry erase marker and use rubbing alcohol at the end of the month to remove the sharpie. So many different options :)

Weekly calendar. Frame from walmart. Designed each frame with scrapbook supplies, then use dry erase marker on the glass.

Something to try while on mat leave. Dry erase calendar made from paint samples and a picture frame.

#DIY - Paint wine bottles

Weekly menu planner,frame it and use a dry-erase marker on the glass. Other templates given.

Make you're own chalkboard paint? I wonder if this really works - it would be a lot cheaper than buying it.

Rocks painted with magnetic paint. Brilliant. you can make these and they are fun gifts. The person at the office can stack the stones when nervous or thinking deeply...Zen and useful.

Brilliant I tell you!

paint chip calendar // dry erase = great idea!

DIY Dorm-Friendly Decorations - Cork Calendar.

Paint strips for dorm decor

Paint swatch wall!

earring stand from picture frame & felt; a tutorial- perfect way to organize the stud earrings that always get lost somehow

Don't throw away old markers...make watercolors instead.

paint swatch gift tags!

Glitter frame... yes please

Another smart idea! Decoupage plates.