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    • Anne Zeilstra

      I love to sing and people always keep telling me i can make it big. My dream is to travel the world and go live in LA to make it big. If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough, right? I won't let others tell me what to do, because my heart was made to do this and i think everyone on this planet should have the courage to do this. We shouldn't be afraid to dream big and do whatever we wan't to do. Life is too short to worry and be afraid so start small and climb your way up to the sky to shine as a star and be the legend of the universe. As long as you're a dreamer and a believer you might reach your goal and find that you are the master of your faith. Everyone has a destiny, but you can help yourself to get there. Meet people, love, kiss, laugh, enjoy and dream big. Life is so wonderful, so i ask, i beg everyone who reads this to follow their dreams. I'll pray for all of you out there and i hope you'll get there Xx - annezeil

    • Mariela Bravo

      Since I was a little girl, my biggest dream has been, and will be to travel the world. This is a dream that has become a part of my bucket list. In the end travel is the only thing we buy, that makes us richer. Rich in many ways, from learning more about culture, life, society but most of all we learn more about us. We start viewing the world differently, through different lenses that help up see things better.

    • Palas Jewellery

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    • Jamal Hintz

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    • Zetta Cronin

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