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    The Hess toy truck that started it all was 1964-65’s Hess Tanker Trailer, an authentically-styled miniature of the real deal. It featured battery-powered head and tail lights and a cargo tank that could be filled with water. An original can fetch four figures! ...A Christmas Gift Tradition in our Family since 1969 !!!

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Collecting Hess toy trucks is a holiday tradition that many kids (and big kids) continue year after year, eventually amassing quite a collection! This ad from 1964 is for the first Hess Truck, a tanker trailer. Seems like a real bargain at $1.99, especially considering collectors will now pay four figures for the original!

Start A Holiday Tradition With The 2013 Hess Toy Truck & Tractor! Hess Express on Pinterest #Giveaway #Ad

Hess truck display boxes

It wasn’t until 1982 that Hess released what they called the “first Hess truck,” a replica of the second-hand truck that company founder Leon Hess drove in 1933. This toy truck’s real life inspiration was restored and is currently displayed in their Woodbridge, NJ office.

1995’s Hess truck came with a bonus – a helicopter. The truck set sales records for Hess.

1968-69 saw the return of the Hess Tanker Truck, with a couple of box changes. Is this one a gift you’d like to see under the tree?

The Hess toy truck and racer set was released in 1988. By this time some people had amassed sizeable collections, and this was the first year Hess started adding the year to each truck’s license plate for easy identification.

Tiny Teddy ♥ I remember this when I was very little. Just bought one from the Cracker Barrel Store - cuz it brings back memories for me. I like to collect vintage things :)

Brinquei tanto com isso! Quero um pros meus filhos! // Spirograph..many rainy days filled with this..

Betsy Wetsy doll ad from the 50's. The Ideal Toy Co. started manufacturing her in 1935, named after the head of the company, A. Katz's, daughter. She was one the first of the popular dolls to also be offered in ethnic versions.