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Violets--flowers edible (salads, desserts, think have vitamin C?) and leaves are, too (high in iron, nice ot add some to spring salads).

Helpful Herbs: Johnny Jump Ups -- Want an early splash of spring in your garden that you can also use in your kitchen? Look no further than the delightful Johnny Jump Up or Viola tricolor, a bright faced, hardy flower that is one of the first to blossom every spring. Part of the pansy family, these little flowers are more...

Botanical - La Flore Des Environs De Paris - (16) Botanical - La Flore Des Environs De Paris - (16) Vintage French Botanical, pre-Revolution. Flore des Environs de Paris, 1776; Bulliard. Scan of 2 d image in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US.