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Now if everyone with babies will just head on over... I have so many new ideas from pinterest!

It's great to give a little person something to do while you are photographing them, plus you're more likely to capture their personality.

Oh my goodness, this is so freaking adorable. I'm sorry but I don't get people and their "two kids is good for me"........CANNOT wait for the future photo ops ;-)

Love this for a newborn photo, but I would have the big brother wear a shirt. Maybe that says Big Brother on it. I don't get the no shirt photos when the kids are older...

Okay. Parents. Dress your children like this. Hire me as your photographer. Good? Good.

I just love little girls with glasses!! This does link to 50 Pictures Of Children Who Are Cooler Than You

Quinoa shows her support of the Troops with military-inspired jackets.

@Heather Sylvia can we please paint this on Izzie's arm and have her do her muscles pose?? It would be a great photo for her wedding reception slide show 20 something years from now:)

too cute I wish Sophie was 4 so could dress her like this, I'm thinking at (she might not like it so much)

Image detail for -If you’re like us — and a lot of families this time of year — you’re planning for your annual family picture so you can get it done in time for your holiday ...

ridiculously cute...the only question is, is who would let a pig sleep on the couch? ha ha oh well I guess it's up to them...