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Bobbins organized on a magnetic strip! Huh, one of those "why didn't I think of THAT" ideas!

Keep bobbins from unwinding! AHHHH finally a solution!! I have them all in a baggie all tangled up!

Though it may take some time to completely fill this storage board, I think everyone's got a pretty healthy stockpile of thread to start with!

Sewing Bobbins organization by BeaOrganized - such a cleaver (and simple) idea

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 32 Pics

Simply ingenious idea for making bobbin covers - no more spiderwebs of thread.

Need to make one of these for all the kids and put it with a blown up black and white of them as newborns! Great baby shower gift (of coarse after baby is born)

Use recycled plastic bags to help tame tricky fabrics.

Bobbin storage. Who knew? (It would be good for taking only a few bobbins to a sewing class/workshop too.)

BRILLIANT! Decorated Pringles tube for gifting cookies! Makes a dozen look so much better! :)

Forget cut off shorts, way to upcycle torn jeans! // Great idea for my old jeans!

Plastic Spoon Chandelier