shut in

Lovely rustic bunk beds.

Super fun sleep area for a small living space!

Les appartements de Madame de Pompadour. The apartments of Madame Pompadour (aka Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, aka Marquise de Pompadour). She was a member of the French court and was the official chief mistress of Louis XV from 1745 to her death (birth December 29, 1721 death April 15, 1764)

i would never leave

Loft! Bed!

I want to live here. Attic? No. Bedroom. :)

Reading/sleeping nook

Judging by my "house ideas" board my dream house will be full of spiral stair cases, hidden rooms, and odd beds...

Dream bed.

i love the idea of turning an extra closet into a reading nook :)

dreamy <3

Create a separate sleeping nook

Bed in a closet! So the whole room is open! And it looks so cozy


Reading nook..

Instead of putting the bed on top, but a reading nook or hide-away up there.

Aww yeah. Though that's actually a tiny little studio, it would be great to have a craft nook below and a nap-loft above!

hidden bed = oasis

Bed nooks