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i think every photo is a print photo Li River / Yan Zhang . Li River is one of the most famous and beautiful rivers in China.

Morning Fishing at Li River in Guangxi Zhuang, China

Morning Fishing at Li River , David D.

Taktsang Palphug Monastery a prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site and temple complex, located in the cliffside of the upper Paro valley, Bhutan. A temple complex was first built in 1692, around the Taktsang Senge Samdup cave where Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditated for three months in the 8th century. Padmasambhava is credited with introducing Buddhism to Bhutan and is the tutelary deity of the country. Today

Buddha at Ngyen Khag Taktsang Monastery (fake photo, real place. the caved buddha is fake, but the whole place is real in China)

Lingchuan, Guilin, China | In China? try www.importedFun.com for Award Winning Kid's Science |

A night in Guilin, Li river, Guangxi province, China

Sunrise on Misty Mountains- -My roommate and I are living in a high-rise, both of us for the first time. I've been tripped-out (no other way to say it)since I woke to see my first sunrise over a year ago. This morning was different; it was actually deep-pink ringed with lavender. I've seen many pictures and that's what they were to me. But what I'm seeing these mornings thrust words of humility and thanksgiving from me, almost unbidden. Wake up to this.

Gloria King: Sunrise on Misty Mountains - Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Anhui Province, China.

The paintings  of nature

Pink and Blue - the perfect sky and still water for a pastel inspiration

Halong Bay Vietnam

7 Reasons Southeast Asia is much better than Europe for budget travelers. While I'd still love to see more places in Europe, SE Asia seems much more adventurous and exotic!

A Cormorant Fisherman at sunset on the Li River near Xing Ping.  Guangxi Province – Southern China.  Photograph by Michael Sheridan

“A cormorant fisherman at sunset on the Li River” (Guangxi Province, Southern China) – Michael Sheridan

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The Great Wall of China. To be here was a dream. I, going to China but not to the Great Wall

Tam Coc / Vietnam - one of the deepest caves in the world. Soooo cool, and a little scary.

Tam Coc Bich Dong, Ninh Binh, Vietnam (from "Nature provides the perfect picture frame")