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Northern California. Mama to Ella Jean. Record Store Junkie. Bookworm. TV Show Whore. Tattoo Lover. My dog is my favorite. I don't eat my veggies. Why does my heartbeat Feel like a speaker Feeding back Repeater, Repeater Instagram & GoodReads:...

So true. (especially considering I just found a twenty-dollar bill under my bed when I pulled everything out from under it!)

Especially felt by court reporting students who've been writing on their machines phonetically for so long, they've forgotten how to spell!

Reinvented, Upcycled Drawer as Jewelry Display

I can’t clean my room because I get distracted by the cool stuff I find – Why can’t i clean my room .. Funny !

I will probably feel this way all my life. even though I was born in 1990. More like I feel the 90s were ten years ago