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For some people I know who think they are perfect and their lives are too!!! This is for you!!! Funny stuff!!! I need a good laugh!!!


How To Deal With Morning People…

My husband hates when I wake up and start trying to have a sister too! Can't help I'm a morning person...I mean wit about those people who try to hold conversations really late at night? Huh....LOL

Haha...Pinterest TRUTH!!!!!! For me it's all the people posting diet and workout info. Pretty sure you are pinning while sitting on the couch eating Oreos.

I'm just waiting to see if my coffee chooses to use its powers for good or evil today. #yourecards #cards #ecards #coffee #caffeine #power #funny #sarcasm #truethat #relatable

Funny Confession Ecard: Singing to a song you don't really know.. But that 15 second part you do know is coming and your gonna own that shit.

If I drunk text you and you're sleeping... don't text me in the morning. That ship has sailed.

I wonder why I never wear makeup.. Then I remember I never go anywhere lol

The story of my life right now. Clinical is a waste of time but I don't do anything when I get home lol