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    • Peggy Knupp

      National Veggie Month (March). Have seen some sources list October as National Vegetarian Month. I love how this poster defines the different types of vegetarians. It also includes foods that most people assume are "safe" but are not! I'm not into all the soy stuff (too processed! ) except for miso.

    • Jenna Goede

      everyone who thinks they "can't" be a vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian because it would be too hard should check this out! you can *do it*, it isn't hard, and its so much better for your body *if* done correctly. that's my rant :)

    • Rodney Mason

      Vegetarian Infographic with good stats including - Vegetarians are about 40% less likely to get cancer than people who eat meat regardless of other health risks like smoking and body mass.

    • Maddie Chane

      i love this but are people really fruitations? that cant be very healthy, why wouldn't you eat veggies??? Anyone know?

    • Barbara Woodo

      Oct 1st is World Vegetarian Day and October is National Vegetarian Month / Vegetarian Awareness Month. Caption on other board/pin: "Interesting. I think this is on the right track, but I don't like a good deal of the language used on this info graphic, or information period. A lot of vegans and veggies *don't* crave meat. And instead of saying they "can't" drink certain beers, how about they "choose not to?" Just interesting to me."

    • Cheryl Phillips

      Vegetarian Infographic (National Vegetarian Month is Oct.) Great info!!

    • Jessika Fernandez

      Vegetarian month! [Inforgraphic] Proud to eat my veggies!

    • Southern Athlete

      #veganism #vegetarianism #illustration

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    I haven't been vegetarian in years much less vegan but this is great info when a trip to the grocery store is 30 minutes round trip not including shopping.

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    Ha, vegetarian sandwich.

    How cute is this poster, right? I love black and white kitchens with a pop of color. This would easily be a perfect addition in any kitchen.

    Im definitely NOT a vegan, but I like to see the different sources of protein all on one pin.

    love being a vegetarian but am always concerned about getting essential nutrients

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