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Sofa Cloud, Made with magnets :: awesome ~ღஜღ~

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The Cosmos Bed Lets You Sleep Under A Starry Sky

Saint Petersburg-based designer Natalia Rumyantseva created the Cosmos Bed as a way of letting you take the starry night sky home.

jellyfish tank- i've literally never wanted anything so much in my entire life.

A lamp with take along glow balls for walking places in the middle of the night...COOLEST THING EVER

Innovative bathtub design - not for the shy.


This Lamp Creates A Thunderstorm In Your Living Room. And It's Really, Really Cool.

lâmpada nuvem.Que tal a ideia de ter um lustre no formato de nuvem com tempestade? Para quem curte um céu nublado ou chuvoso a ideia pode agradar! Neste ano de 2014, o designer Richard Clarkson criou o Cloud, que na verdade é muito mais que simplesmente uma luz.

Garden Egg Chair originally designed by Peter Ghyczy in 1968 for both indoor/outdoor use. It's completely waterproof when the top is flipped down. Both the outer shell and the interior are available in a series of colors, allowing for mixing and matching.

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Coolest shot glass I have ever seen.

Even though I think more guys than gals would like this, I want one too! I think my spa water would look hot in it! Coolest shot glass I have ever seen.

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Art and Cook 5.2 Quart Soak and Strain Washing Bowl

This Art and Cook Colored 5.2 Quart Soak and Strain Washing Bowl will get your fruit or veggies cleaned perfectly every time. This kitchen accessory features an easy-grip handle, non-slip base and one-handed operation.

almohadones weird but looks really comfortable