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More like this: people, check lists and haha.
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Lindsey Lewis
Lindsey Lewis • 2 years ago

the IF gamut :(

  • Erin Sacra
    Erin Sacra • 2 years ago

    If that isn't the truth!

  • Nina Vargas
    Nina Vargas • 2 years ago

    been there, done that, and still don't have a baby from it!

  • Jo Kim
    Jo Kim • 1 year ago

    @Kristen Siegel Something to give to busybodies who think they know everything about it but don't have a clue! :)

  • i am me
    i am me • 1 year ago

    keep the faith ladies. 7 years later and every test,

  • i am me
    i am me • 1 year ago

    procedure, etc, etc imaginable and i have my miracle. they do happen.

  • Arminda Archie
    Arminda Archie • 1 year ago

    I have no words:x

  • Megan Yates
    Megan Yates • 1 year ago

    Married 13 years and got pregnant after going off of gluten for a different reason. My mid-wife said that there is an epidemic of infertility due to this allergy. I also know of another girl who got pregnant after going off of gluten. My heart goes out to all who are still looking for their answer.

  • Bess Burton
    Bess Burton • 1 year ago

    Went through years of infertility and tests before having my son naturally. Hang in there if you're fighting this battle.

  • Kirstyn McCrone
    Kirstyn McCrone • 1 year ago

    If you are unable to have children, perhaps you should consider that adoption is in God's plan for you.

  • Rachel Elliott
    Rachel Elliott • 1 year ago

    @Kristyn - Though adoption maybe a later option to consider but I recommend you not give that type of advice to any infertile women. It's more than ok for a woman to long for their own biological child and the experience of pregnancy. Also perusing adoption isn't a "slam dunk" on growing your family. Adoption is a much harder journey than you may think. I encourage you to search on Google this statement, "Things not to say to an infertile woman". These articles may help you understand where infertile women are coming from and also how best to love on them while they're on their journey. Best regards, A woman who was infertile for many year and after 10 infertility treatments the Lord blessed us with our miracle baby girl

  • Ami Leduc
    Ami Leduc • 1 year ago

    Seven years and a lot of check marks for me on that list. 3 rounds of IVF, two miscarriages and an adoption that fell through my husband and I had to throw in the towel:(. Mt heart goes out to those that are still waiting!

  • Cheyenne Clark
    Cheyenne Clark • 1 year ago

    My heart breaks for anyone going through this.....I tried to onvince a few good friends to go gluten free during their journey...They have not tried yet, but I keep crossing my fingers that maybe they will try, and just maybe it will help in some way. Sensitivity is crucial in loving someone through this...

  • Marija Love
    Marija Love • 1 year ago

    i would need one of these.. for so many years god only knows what not.. doctors say i am 100 percent physically healthy yet.. no kids.. im 43 now and hope is gonne..

  • Malinda Hildebrandt-Shank

    Rachel: well said.. I have tried it all. 9 yrs of treatments..

  • Malinda Hildebrandt-Shank

    Ami, your story sounds like mine.. I'm still waiting too..

  • Rach White
    Rach White • 1 year ago

    Adoption is NOT the answer!!!!!!!