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He should have been chosen for the role of Christian grey. Just saying ♥

He is super fine..and better yet a amazing actor. Can't wait to see him in movies. Than my hubby can be more jealous ;)

Twitter / IansMessyHair: Ian Somerhalder looking HAWT ...

I admire Ian for all of the awesome things he is doing to help our world along with the animals in it. He has a passion for people and making the world a better place. I'll always be a fan of someone who wants to better the world.

Ian Somerhalder the only one worthy for the role of Christian Grey..he is Christian Grey.

Someone made this just for my board! Ha Ha! :) Ooohhh, that Ian Somerhalder, he does scramble the synapses....

Soo. If we could just have a world full of Ian Somerhalders.. I think the world would be a better place.

Sometimes I really just cannot figure out how other people are getting these pictures my boo send to me. Crazy!

Ian Somerhalder awww I TOTALLY love the last picture it looks soo cute!!!

Ian That smile and his eyes!! OMG