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Life of the Balcony and Arrowhead Alpines have a very cute promotion to win some hens & chicks of your own.

I love sempervivums for so many reasons. They make a side table more interesting. (Sempervivum ‘Red Rubin’, Zones 4-8)

They are even more striking in infrared (Sempervivum tectorum).

They fly through the air.

And make elaborate headdresses.

They stand in for brains in the event of decay...

They grace the roof of a condominium for wildlife.

They slither, creaturelike, across a rock landscape.

They interweaves themselves with tumbled rock walls.

They stand out against geometric slate slices.

They're what's for dinner!

They fit in a bento box.

They come in a gorgeous array of colors, including lilac.

and deep purple.

They fit so cozily together.

They fit snugly in a delicious succulent snack box.

They "were thought to guard against lightning, fire and storm," so might be good to carry with you.

They look gorgeous on a roof, where they also help keep a building cool.

They'll grow just about anywhere.

They cascade in dainty constellations out of whimsical planters.

They fit in the palm of your hand.

And in the palm of something else very strange...

And make an odd garden topiary.

They cool the roofs for tiny song birds.

They cover the roofs of chicken coops, keeping them cool for the girls inside.