♥ How many times do I have to say it?? I'LL SWIM WITH DOLPHINS ONE DAY! This is my favorite and the TOP of my Bucket List!!

Before I Die...

before i die..


Bucket List: done! Go skinny dipping, it's been a few years, but I might have to do it again!

Bucket list ideas. To do before I die. #adrenaline #wishlist #liveyourlife #bucketlist #no.12

The Foodist Bucket List.... Okay this would be hard unless I was like healed! Because eating hurts... 😞

:) march 21, 2013

Kiss a Dolphin Before I Die {Hanes} – Wilddtail

swim in a fountain

before I die...

Before I Die...

before i die

Swim with dolphins

Before I die, I want to...

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before i die

Before I die...

learn how to swim