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It's TOTALLY doable! 100 lunches to make using NO processed foods.

100 school lunches to make using NO processed foods - for kids, but lots of good ideas I can adapt. I hate processed food.

healthy muffins

The Magic Muffin Mix.a healthier muffin with whole wheat flour, applesauce and egg whites. 1 Recipe for 4 Different Muffins! Worth a try!

A month of kid-approved school lunches - easy & creative ideas!

My son really likes taking his lunch to school, this is a really good list to for ideas! School Lunch Box Ideas - Page 2 of 2 - Princess Pinky Girl

Freeze your low carb lunch box smoothies

Lunch Box Smoothies

**KIDS LOVED THESE**Lunch Box Smoothies. Make smoothie, freeze, and stick in lunch for treat and as a freezer pack. Why didn't I think of this?

soaking apple slices in ginger ale for 10 minutes (I also hear any lemon-lime soda will also work). Still tastes like apples. pack in lunches or for on the go snacks.

From Muffin Tin Mom: Keep Sliced Apples Fresh With Ginger Ale. Soak them in Ginger ale for 10 minutes (or any lemon-lime soda) and they won't turn brown. Great way to pack apples slices for lunch. (Apples still taste like apples)

Healthy Lunch Ideas to keep you on track to that perfect body you want

Strawberry, Lime, and Mint Infused Water - Back to Her Roots

Ideas for packing a delicious, healthy lunch. I love these quick and easy lunch ideas :)

10 Quick & Healthy Brown Bag Lunches Ѽ 1) Healthy Elvis Sandwich, 2) Tuna Pita, 3) Eggplant Pizza, 4) Taco Salad, 5) Tofu & Broccoli Stir-Fry, 6) Frittata, 7) Easy Chicken Wraps, 8) Quick Salmon Burger, 9) Shrimp & Edamame Stir-Fry, 10) Old School Lunch

10 Quick & Healthy Brown Bag Lunches W Old School Lunch Ingredients: For smoothie: cup frozen strawberries 1 banana 1 cup nonfat milk For sandwich: 1 slice whole-grain bread 4 slices smoked turkey breast Lettuce and tomato

ideas for packing lunches. Makes life so easy While I am not crazy about all of the choices on this list, I do usually have a handwritten version of this containing what MY kids eat so, Daddy can never say, "I didn't know what to give them." I could kick it up a notch and make a nice/fancy one like this :) It would definitely make my fridge look nicer! lol

School Lunch Ideas for Kids - Free Printables

The Scrapbooking Housewife: School Lunch Ideas for Kids - Free Printables. I think this is helpful to keep things new and fresh for the tot

HUNDREDS of healthy lunch ideas that don't involve sandwiches

Yummy Lunch Box Gallery - Easy Lunch Boxes, Bento Lunches : Photo Keywords : healthy meal ideas : Light and healthy lunch!