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Martin Klimas, eagle owl

Birds of prey appear frozen in mid-flight in the hyper-detailed high speed photo series "Birds" by photographer Martin Klimas. Klimas took the photos in a

Albino Squirrel

More Gypsy Caravans

Albino Squirrel

HootSuite is my Mecca. HootSuite is my Mecca because it gives me peace. WTF is HootSuite anyway?

Melanistic Animals, Albino, Pure White, Pandas, Snow White, Penguins, Penguin, Panda, Panda Bears

Will lend itself to a good yin-yang

Crown Tail - photo by Andrew Williams. (I've got a red betta! Not a crown tail, just a regular tail.

melanistic barn owl next to a normal barn owl

Black Barn Owl and normal Barn Owl. Black owls are mutant and would be killed by other owls the wild but this one was forn at Herford Owl Rescue

A baby flamingo

baby flamingo baby animals are the cutest cute animals beautiful animal