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    Our connection to the earth is magical and sacred whether we are aware of it or not. It is part of a great inter-connectedness between all the...

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    We who look at the whole and not just the part, know that we too are systems of interdependence, of feelings, perceptions, thoughts, and consciousness all interconnected. Investigating in this way, we come to realize that there is no me or mine in any one part, just as a sound does not belong to any one part of the lute. ~ Buddha ~


    The only rides you regret are the ones you skip.

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    EMPATHS & HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE: Empathic ability allows you to read and understand people’s energy. Empaths have the ability to scan another’s energy for thoughts, feelings and possibly for past, present, and future life occurrences. The ability to correctly perceive and mirror the energy of another is a challenge. This gift allows us to steer ourselves through life with added perception.

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    Like spring-cleaning, it is time to get rid of that which does not serve you. Hating your ‘earth self’ for whatever reason closes the doors to all that is good. Love what you are made out of, which is the very stars you wish upon. Take out the trash of your heart leaving room for only love. For it is the energy of love that will allow Mother Earth to heal and become more buoyant. That love starts with you

    Love the Energy

    you are energy... even on a Monday morning!


    Ksepana Mudra – for letting go and removal of negative energy