Homemade Baby Wipes

DIY Baby Wipes

DIY Padsicles for postpartum period - pin this for later!! Seriously. They are a MUST after having a baby.

Use 3/4 cup of canola oil, 1/4 cup of vinegar to restore wood. Don't wipe it off, the wood absorbs it.

I want this for my baby

With just a few ingredients (eggs, flour and water), you can have fresh, homemade pasta in 15 minutes. Just put the ingredients in, go mingle and make sure your holiday guests all have drinks, and by the time you go back in the kitchen, it’s done. It’s quick, easy and delicious.

Homemade baby wipes!

Homemade baby wipes

Button-up Baby Wrap, a cocoon for newborns.

Be Different...Act Normal... Cute Baby Pacificer Clip Tutorial. They also work well to keep toys attached to stroller, car seat or high chair/stroller cover.

How to Make Your Own Baby (or Lysol) Wipes

The Iowa Farmer's Wife: DIY Baby Wipes

Best DIY Recipe For Homemade Febreze - Air Freshener - RemoveandReplace.com

Homemade baby food recipes for purees, solid food tips, baby nutrition & more!

Homemade baby wipes

All natural homemade baby skin care recipes

Homemade “Clorox” Disinfecting Wipes

DIY: DISINFECTING WIPES. Mix: 1 C. water + 1/2 C. vinegar + 1/2 C. rubbing alcohol + 4 T. Dawn dish soap. Cut 2-ply papertowel roll in half, put in plastic container with lid, pour mix over, remove middle cardboard, put lid on (putting slit in lid is optional, as they dry out quickly if not used. I turn upside down so entire roll gets moist, including top.

Congestion relief for babies Super cheap and super easy 1 tbsp of Vicks 1tbsp Luke warn water Put your scentsy warmer on and put it in their room and watch the magic happen

a drop of essential oil inside tube scents entire bath for a long time each time you pull some off:)