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Goodbye sayings. "see you later alligator give a hug ladybug hit the road happy toad see you soon raccoon out the door dinosaur"

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See you later Alligator In a while Crocodile Bye bye Butterfly Be sweet Parakeet Give a hug Ladybug See ya soon Raccoon Out the door Dinosaur Take care Polar Bear So long King Kong Blow a kiss Goldfish Toodle loo Kangaroo

Fun at Home with Kids: Sensory Starter Kit for under $20 from the Dollar Tree

South Regional Library offers a monthly Sensory Storytime for children with sensory processing disorder. Our storytimes are full of tactile activities to engage the senses, but you can make your own sensory kit at home as well!

DIY File Folder Games for Preschoolers!

Little Family Fun: File Folder Index Here is a list of EASY ways you can make your own File-Folder Games using things you might already have! For Pre-School and Kindgergarten.

Chrysanthemum book & activity to teach about being different. (Respect)

back to school poem (chrysanthemum) . would make a great pocket chart activity. Find the color words and numbers! Then would make a great classbook.

A child's frontal brain has not developed enough till about 6-7 years of age.  They do not have the ability to fully restrain and limit themselves before then.  Any attempt to do so, will result in anxiety.

People always say "how can children learn if they just play all day?" Remember: through play children are learning all the skills they need during life, from mathematical thinking to social understanding.