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This was so much fun, standing on the swings and going as high as we could. We thought we could reach the sky. Pat Schwab

Soupy Sales Show

Typewriter Erasers

The Soupy Sales Show....."Come pie with me!"

Billboard Top Hits: 1966 ~ Various Artists,

Soupy Sales....Weekday lunchtime entertainment. I walked home from school each day and had lunch with Soupy!

Ditto machines ... remember the smell? I began teaching in the 80s and used this machine every day.

star stickers for good work Barbara Guarnaccia

The teenage years. LOL who hasn't had this ?haha I still drink it

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Home Economics...Oh, how I loved this class! Especially when we were able to cook! :)

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HALTER TOPS! I was thinking about making some of these again. Loved working in the yard in them.

Soupy Sales

Top Songs in 1972; Now that was a year for Music - See how many of these do you remember the words to?

Entertainment Center ala 60's.

Go Go Boots. I wanted these so BAD and finally got them for Christmas - I was the coolest in my Go-Go boots and mini-skirts!

I spent many hours on this kind of phone, talking to my friends from high school, back in the 60's!

cute back-to-school dresses from the 60's.

Vintage 1971 Fisher Price School