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That and people who think they have curly hair but really all it is is wavy...

Curly Hair Problem Mentally comparing your curls to every other curly girl's that you see. I literally thought I was the only one

Daily. Since I live in SE Louisiana, it's generally pointless to try for anything resembling straight...

Since I live in Louisiana, it's generally pointless to try for anything resembling straight.

Always thinking that when I look through a hairstyle special of a magazine...

this is totes true-it's not helpful in the LEAST! and yes, i even type in "naturally curly hairstyles"-- and also! A lot of them aren't even hair styles they're just naturally curly or curled hair down

Only people with curly hair would understand! :) This website correctly expresses every emotion/thought I've EVER had about my hair!


I wish I could just brush my hair and go. Not wet it, then product it and have to always leave the house with wet hair- the struggle is real!

HAHA! You dont even know...


Curly hair problem #588


Curly hair problem I've had so many hairstylists NOT know how to cut my hair (and end up chopping all my hair off). Probably why I have a fear of getting my hair cut, cringe the whole time, & I only cut my hair about once a year.