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Your Brain Evolved from Bacteria - Scientific American. Bacteria developed ion channels, eukaryotes produced electrical signals when swimming, sponges developed synaptic proteins, early fishes had a brain inside a spinal cord-like structure, amphibians developed a forebrain..."think you have a mind like a sponge? In a way, we all do."

Animal lovers care about ALL animals. Don't be a speciesist. #speciesism #animalrights #govegan

Ceci est mon premier billet dans notre nouvel environnement.  J’ai décidé de bouger le blogue afin de profiter de plus

In art therapy, the self-portrait experiential is sometimes relevant...a variation here. Collage Self Portrait Instructions: A program for teens, or any age, really. Revised Instructions from Rachel Moani:

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Researchers learn how to grow old brain cells

A new technique allows scientists to study diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's using cells from human patients. Historically, animal models -- from fruit flies to mice -- have been the go-to technique to study the biological consequences of aging, especially in tissues that can't be easily sampled from living humans, like the brain. Over the past few years, researchers have increasingly turned to stem cells to study various diseases in humans.

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Gallery: Neuroscience Meets Visual Art

MMMMM!!!! Neuroscience Meets Visual Art. Retinal nerves on doesn't get better than this!!!

Brain Learns to Manage Stress Early in Life | Provocative new animal research suggests that the ability to manage stress is not genetically hardwired into our brain. Rather the brain learns from early experiences and develops pathways that prepare the brain for future challenges.

Este álbum es una propuesta divertida y original, un juego que invita a ponerse en el lugar del otro, conocer sus gustos, respetar su manera de ser y actuar, aceptar las diferencias, ser más tolerantes. Los pequeños lectores podrán comprobar que los gatos, y cualquier otra mascota, son animales con necesidades y gustos diferentes a los propios...

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Colour enhanced scanning electron micrograph. Chromosomes are...

Human chromosomes, showing centromeres and chromatids.