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miso yellowtail bento by shok, via Flickr

actually have no idea what these are but they are adorable so im pinning them 9some kind of food?) Maria Canavello Mrasek Canavello Mrasek Canavello Mrasek Santos just thought you would like them

Bento no. 26: Mini-meat and tofu burgers, spinach with sesame (via

funny food - lustiges essen für gross und klein creativ zubereitet

I just need to find a partner who can make me bento lunches every day.

This cookbook has lots of delicious things in it. Though it is designed for Japanese Obento, or boxed lunches, most of the recipes can be for lunch or dinner. I often make them for dinner, and then pack the leftovers for next day lunch. Yum!

Moyashi burger bento - recipes to be found @ - a great way to have a lunch break if you ask me!

Onion shoyu pork bento by babykins., via Flickr

Use thin slices of raw carrot, cut lengthwise from the middle of a whole carrot, as an edible divider between the rice and the kidney beans. The carrot slices are doubled up, and are thick enough that the curry sauce doesn’t seep through to the rice. Afterwards the slices can be eaten or just thrown away. Other edible dividers you could user here would be thick lettuce slices or a piece of raw cabbage.

from Makiko Itoh of JustBento: Is this salmon (sake) furikake? Or is it salmon (sake) flakes? Or maybe it’s even salmon soboro. Whatever you call it, it’s finely flaked salmon that you can sprinkle onto plain rice, use as an onigiri filling, or on ochazuke. You could fold it into egg for a salmon omelette, on boiled vegetables…whatever your imagination can come up with.

Taco Bento Box! I've never tried making a traditional Japanese Bento Box before but this website is inspiring and informative. Can't wait to get one! :)

Bento - Beef and Onions, Rice, Blanched Greens, Radishes