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Surrealism Photography wherever you are is home and the earth is paradise wherever you set your feet is holy don't live off it like a parasite. you live in it, and it in you, or you don't survive. and that is the only worship of god there is...

Will, a young Druid spell caster who joins Lyra and Aiden in their quest to unite Veloce and defeat Alora. Lyra eventually teaches him the Arcane Warrior abilities, the ability to use magic without a staff or scepter. He can match Lyra with sword skill.

Camden stood, ready for death. The metal chains around his neck. the look on his face was one I had seen before, after he was tortured by Romaine. Blank, eyes with such lack of hope it killed me to look at him.He knew no one was comming for him. He was facing death.

"You're with child." "Oh really? Thanks for telling me, I had no idea. Glad you noticed." "Are you really making this whole journey while you're so pregnant?" "Yes. I can't have this baby anywhere else. For me, there is no other option."