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Eat your way to winter health! Ward off flu, colds and even cancer with one doctor's new immunity-boosting combination diet (and you could even lose weight, too)

Pirâmide Alimentar para uma dieta saudável em 2013

The governments agricultural policies are destroying our food system. Michael Pollen's book The Omnivore's Dilemma is an exploration of our current food system and how we can fix it.

Our food choices matter, everyday! I highly recommend Michael Pollan's books. #mindful

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Video: 7 "Healthy" Foods - That Really Aren't

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The Power of Food. Michael Pollan once said that you can eat junk food as long as you prepare it yourself! Stay away from processed foods and get a leg up on improving your health!!

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cooking from scratch

Love Michael Pollan..Food Inc is a must see if you haven't checked it out yet! cooking from scratch - quote by Michael Pollan

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5 Golden Rules of Clean Eating

5 Golden Rules of Clean Eating #eatclean #vegan #plantstrong

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Real Food Defined (The Rules

Real Food Diet Defined (The Rules) AKA no processed foods! This is my next challenge! I will do at least 10 day. I hesitated to call this a "diet" because people will get the wrong idea because its about healthful choices and not losing weight

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The 10 Best Foods for Flat Abs

The 10 Best Foods for a Flat Stomach.