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Working on some new pieces today... Jewellery workshop, silversmith, designer. Handmade silver jewelry, small business.

Louy Magroos jewellery workshop. Handmade silver jewelry. Bench peg. Workbench, handmade. Silversmith jeweller, artist, designer

Louy Magroos jeweller silversmith. Jewelry workshop. Metalsmith, hand stamped cufflinks, handmade earrings, ring, bangles and tie clips. See this Instagram photo by @louymagroos • 57 likes

Personalised valentines or anniversary cufflinks. Jewellery workshop, workbench bench peg. Love heart, wedding, handmade personalised cuff links. Hand stamped custom made. Louy Magroos silversmith

Workbench, home workshop, jewellery bench, bench peg. Tool organisation ideas. Silversmith jewelry designer

Jewellers workbench, handmade silver jewellery at Louy Magroos. Workshop ideas, organisation, home office, jewelry bench peg

Jewellery and silversmithing workshop . Louy Magroos jewelry workbench, bench peg, hand tools, jeweller. Today's post is tools, and I've got quite a few! I love tools, new ones are great but there is nothing better than well used and loved ones. Here is a selection from my work bench, feel free to ask any questions about anything you spot. #workbench #jewelleryworkshop #jewelersbench #wearenoths #silversmith #benchpeg #handmadejewelry #toolgeek #toolsofthetrade

At the bench, Jewelry workshop. Handmade jewellery. Silversmithing workbench at Louy Magroos. Letter punches, hand stamped jewellery. Soldering, home office ideas

Jewelry workshop - Jewellers workbench, bench peg, handmade silver jewellery. Soldering cufflinks, silversmith,