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Toe Spreading Gel Bunion Shield

Bunion Toe Straightener

Bunion Exercises

How to lace shoes when you have bunions

If You Are A Runner With A Bunion....

Bunion Surgery

The procedure I'm having.. Larger bunions are commonly treated with the Lapidus Bunionectomy, which involves realigning the displaced bone at its bottom, through a bone mending/fusion procedure. It is with this technique where the most walking advances have been made int he past decade.

Bunion Bootie!

Bunion Busters

Pedifix Toe Trainers, #P51 - Pack of 2 by Pedifix. $4.49. Toe Trainers ease pain by straightening and separating crooked, overlapping, or hammer toes. These soft, cotton-covered splints cushion and protect toes from rubbing. Also great for broken or stubbed toes. Velcro fasteners adjust for a comfortable fit. Require minimal space in shoes. Scissor-trimmable for a custom fit.

Learn about bunion pain taping. A bunion, also known as hallux valgus, results when the big toe points towards the second toe and results in inflammation of the tissue surrounding the joint. The inflammation causes the joint to become swollen and tender, making everyday activities like walking or jogging very painful.

FootSmart Bunion Regulator

Tingly Toes: Listerine foot soak - did it ... loved it! will do it again! :-)

Lavender-scented gel pads help treat sore, achy feet. Solutions.com #PainRelief #Feet


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Nails for v-day <3

Wonderful advice. Manage stress followed by diet and exercise...simple but???

Why Blueberries are so Darn Good for your Skin!

This infographic contains the top basic tips to help you stop the clock, take a couple years of your face, and even add some to your lifespan. So pret

Those strappy heels deserve the best and you deserve a little pampering, so kick the season off right with our five steps to summer-ready soles. Here's how to get the perfect DIY pedicure.