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Photo 52 of 365 Zac Hanson 2011 - 5of5 London - London UK Here is Zac on the drums during 5of5 London last summer, performing the Middle Of Nowhere Album on night one. In this picture he has the originial Albertane Tour drum head on his kick drum. Who saw the Albertane Tour show at Wembly back in 98? Tell us your story. #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 190 of 365 Zac Hanson 2009 - Playing drums, Shout It Out sessions - El Paso TX Zac has a lot of drum sets, made by different drum manufacturers. Who can guess the drum maker who made his first drum set? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 152 of 365 Zac Hanson 1995 - Performing Live - Tulsa OK In this shot young Zac (at age 9, the year he started drumming) is drumming on his second drum kit (his first set was a vintage ludwig). Who can tell what make of drums these are, from looking at the hardware? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 146 of 365 Zac Hanson 2010 - Shout It Out Tour - Cleveland OH Here is a shot of Zac laying it down during the Shout It Out US Tour in 2010, playing a custom drum kit. This kit features a special pattern - who can tell us what kind of items are hidden in each drum's unique finish? #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 283 of 365 Zac Hanson 2012 - Tracking Studio Album #6 - El Paso TX Zac, at the drums, with a handlebar mustache, really what else can we say. #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 47 of 365 - Taylor & Zac Hanson with Wolfmother 2011 - Pinkpop Festival - Landgraaf NL. Here we are backstage at Pinkpop in 2011 with our friends in the awesome Australian band @Karine Vaillancourt-Murphy. Tell us what other Australian bands you think we should check out. #hanson #hanson20th

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Photo 160 of 365 Zac Hanson 2010 - Playing video games - Tulsa OK Here's Zac looking to the side of the camera, while playing Xbox. Gamers, tell us about favorite Xbox games. #Hanson #Hanson20th

Photo 177 of 365 Zac Hanson 2010 - Shout It Out Sessions, Sunset Sound Studios - Los Angeles CA Who knows what kind of instrument Zac is sitting on in this shot? #Hanson #Hanson20th