Spiral iceberg in Antarctica

A dramatic picture taken by Michael Nolan has been dubbed the face of Mother Nature crying on a canvas of melting ice and cascading water on a Norwegian Glacier. Randy Schutt discovered this amazing photo which shows a crying face in an ice cap located on Nordaustlandet, in the Svalbard archipelago of Norway. The tears of this natural sculpture were created by a waterfall of glacial water cascading from one of the face’s eyes.

ice storm

Antarctic Ice Wave

Amazing Photo of the Eiffel Tower being struck by lightning!

Antarctica - Iceberg B-15 is larger than Jamaica

polar bear atop an iceberg both are endangered!

Amazing Snaps: Melting water streams from iceberg in Disko Bay, Greenland

A Spiral Phenomenon in the Himalayas

Jade Iceberg, Antarctica. When seawater at depths of more than 1,200 feet freezes to the underside of massive ice shelves, it forms ‘marine ice.’ Enormous hunks of ice break off from the ice shelf, creating icebergs. When one of these icebergs overturns, its jade underside is revealed. The wondrous color of this ‘marine ice’ results from organic matter dissolved in the seawater at those great depths. Green icebergs are infrequently seen because their verdant bellies are underwater

Pink algae iceberg

ice sculptured splendidly by nature

blue ice

Moon Over Waterfall

Amazing, I've never seen this before - Frozen Tsunami In Antarctica.

Alaska iceberg