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    Best one yet. I'm dying!

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Haha Yes!

    Just let that sink in

    I love the Mayhem guy

    hahahaha i think this every time i go tanning

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    "Father says I'm a disappointment. Mother says I'm fabulous." Seriously cracking up!!

    uh huh


    hilarious Tampon bag


    .so freaking true!! Lol

    So true!

    lol. im crying.- This is so bad, but I can't help but laugh!



    Whoa! hahaha

    hahahaha omg laughed for a solid 5 minutes...

    Naps > Everything Else

    63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better In The '90s Just laughed so hard at this, I cried.

    hahahahah seriously