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Now that’s a real man… and where.did they go ...they got.lost.with the 99 others lol

Everyone is splendid in God's eyes. Embrace and focus on strengths. Celebrate our gifts from God.

Sometimes, I look through one of my boards and see the same thing more than once...geesh!

... and for some reason, it's equally rude to tell the kid to behave as it is to tell the parents to handle their offspring.

Anti-pick up lines. Some of these are harsh, but they're hilarious

Keep circle small. ❤️my small circle even if we don't see or talk to each other every day,week,month or year. We pick right back up where we left off

i believe in this. i truly do. however, i will say this... when the electrical wiring has faults throughout, the ceilings are leaking, there's holes in the floors, and to top it off you just found out that the plumbing is rotting... ITS TIME FOR A NEW DAMN HOUSE.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle life's little challenges.

Never apologize for saying what you feel. That's like saying sorry for being real.

Hang on, watch whatever movie you want to, eat a big steak instead, force someone you know to hold you to the count of thirty, cry till you can't no more and take as long as it takes but definitely be okay at some stage.

"Everything you can imagine is real." -Pablo Picasso

If you live off a man's compliments you'll die from his criticism. -Cornelius Lindsey