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    In spring, crabapple trees are covered with fragrant white, pink, or red flowers, and in fall with small yellow, orange, or red apples that attract birds. Find more fragrant flowers for your garden here:


    Camelias -So beautiful!

    Ornamental crabapple. Plant one of these for a lavish pop of white, pink, or red flowers each spring.

    Spring Blooms of the Brandywine Crabapple ♥ I want this tree!!!

    Creeping Phlox/ATTRACTS: Ruby Throated Hummingbirds. Plant in rock borders. Great for sunny slopes. Use as a groundcover to control weeds. Great as a groundcover for erosion control. Prefers slightly dry soil. Plant with Red Oak Tree. Spreads quickly. "Scarlet Flame" Hummingbirds favorite. Pull grass out of as soon as you see it, will steal the nutrients. Mulch in Winter with dry leaves.

    About Tree Peonies~Most varieties are hardy in Zones 4-8, reach 6 feet tall and wide (or so), and grow best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. They don't typically require pruning, but if it becomes necessary to control their size, the best time to do it is spring, right after they finish flowering.

    These petal-packed blooms are perfect cut flowers--and can thrive for years with no special care at all!

    Someday I hope to espalier an apple or cherry tree in my backyard.

    magnolia tree

    Pink Dogwood. See more spring-flowering trees from >>

    We love thrift, a flowering plant that thrives in a hot dry climate:

    'Magic Dogwood

    Bloom time charts for fall-planted bulbs, spring-planted bulbs and perennials. Very handy!

    Ruby Red Rothschild

    Cherry blossoms - gloriously beautiful. We had the most exquisite cherry blossom tree in our front garden when I was small; I used to sit and look at it and dream....

    Paint the Town..Incredibly disease-resistant and easy to grow, this great rose produces tons of red flowers all season long. The flowers are perfectly shaped and its mounding habit makes it an ideal ground cover for sunny spots

    I planted some of these on my previous property and they are definately fast growing and easy to take care of ...the only draw back is that since they are fast growing they require prunning every year. These were great at making a sunny area shady. This one's on it's way! Needed a fast growing shade tree! This one claims to grow 15 ft in a year! Found it for 20 bucks online, that included shipping... royal empress tree!

    weeping rose tree -- this is stunning!

    Lilac There's no sweeter spring fragrance than the blooms of this cottage-garden favorite. Lilac varieties come in all shapes and sizes, from dwarf shrubs to taller trees. One tip: The lilac blooms on old wood, so hold off on pruning until right after the same year's flowering is finished.