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Daily life: March 2012

I JUST WANT PET DUCKS. Screw the degree, screw the revision, I'm off to be a duck farmer. Zoe Parsons do you reckon you parents will let you have a pet duck yet


Who are you calling an ugly duckling? Wildlife photographer conjures up some animal magic

The ULTIMATE list of DUCK Treats and Supplements...good to know for trips to the duck pond since they say the geese are eating too much bread.

The ULTIMATE list of DUCK Treats and Supplements. why is a duck eating a banana hilarious?

Guy takes his baby duck for a walk

Guy takes his baby duck for a walk

Taking a Duckling For a Walk. Tagged with ducklings, ducks, critters, cute

21 Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Feel Better About Life | Pleated-Jeans.com

wowwoohoo: So I can’t do my math homework cause my duck fell asleep on my calculator. send this picture to your teacher they will understand



As a trainer, one should train the animals to do before large groups. The simple solution, is not to get a live animal whatsoever, but among the excellent plush toys instead.

checkin' out me feets

checkin' out me feets

Quack Quack

Duckling sitting' his beautiful butt in the water di Quigley brown - Photo by Jim Hamann