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  • Jennifer Smith

    Wavelite (Arkansas). Looks like an owl eye.

  • Alexandra

    Concentric Radial Wavellite - The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom

  • Dee Criswell

    Wavelite (Arkansas) Wavellite is a phosphate mineral (hydrated aluminum phosphate), usually in various shades of green, ranging from dark rich emerald green to bright green, apple green, and pale green. It is found in fractures in hydrothermal regions and in phosphate rock deposits.The name is after William Wavell, the English physician who discovered it. Crystals are rare and wavellite usually forms in hemispherical or globular aggregates with a radiated structure.

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Rare Yellow Wavellite Rare Yellow Wavellite on Green Wavellite Botryoidal Crystals on Chert from Mauldin Mountain near Mt. Ida, Arkansas, a vintage specimen Wavellite is an uncommon phosphate mineral closely related to turquoise. The yellow wavellites are rare.

WAVELLITE is a unique mineral found in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas

Wavellite Wavellite is found in fine specimens at Laharran Quarry near Cork.

Wavellite by Crazy Dave Green on Flickr.

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