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  • Penny Kasmarcik Wilcox

    How to Cut Your Own Hair??? Not sure I would want to try this but to be honest with some of the bad hair cuts I have had this might not be any worse. I did cut my hair once before by putting a pony tail in the back & trimming it & did get complemented on it.

  • K W

    DIY hairdo

  • Kara paintedone

    It's a snip: Alice, before, left, and after, right, her DIY haircut- I just tried this and it works wonders for a diy. :)

  • Shelly (Penguinette)

    It's a snip: DIY haircut - I did this tonight after the kiddos went to bed and it was super easy and came out great! I did cut out bangs by not nearly as short as the lady in the picture. I sectioned out what I wanted for bangs and tied the rest in the back. Then I parted my bangs in the middle and twisted them once and tucked them behind the oposite ear (left side bang behind right side ear) and cut at an angle. Then, did the other side. It came out GREAT! =)

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wavy frizzy bob- i love how her haircut just embraces the texture of her hair instead of fighting against it. i wonder how low maintenance this is?

For when I forget how much I don't like having short hair, and decide to cut it all off...

Amy Starks, i'm totally on the dark side now. . .but growing my hair out is for the birds. :)

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Love this poster, a fun conversation piece, awesome decor for a rocking salon