blooms & paint daubs.

~~ De Colores / Colors ~~ Rose tea beautiful flower arrangement and painting in background! A beautiful flower arrangement - Husky Style!

Floral fancy - - Beautiful flowers12.jpg

Floral fancy: Pictures of floral-related lusciousness - myLusciousLife

peonies are still one of the most romantic wedding flowers! Very pricey though so make sure they are in season when ordering. This simple arrangement is perfect for a shabby chic or vintage theme. Love it!


♆ Blissful Bouquets ♆ gorgeous wedding bouquets, flower arrangements & floral centerpieces - by Sachi Rose

Old perfume bottles as vases

so pretty., fresh flowers from the garden put in glass bottles and placed on silver tray makes great center piece for your table. I do love fresh flowers. If only I had a green thumb, I could have fresh flowers alll the time.

But I guess that's why I keep doing it, for the opportunity to make it better next time. If we had it all figured out it would be boring.

For any flower Saipua will make you drool and sometimes cry with the beauty! PEONIES 0075 by Sarah Ryhanen, via Flowers

beautiful decoration or centerpiece with pink peonies

Pink Wedding Inspiration by Cynthia Martyn Events